Greci Enzo spa produces PDO Raw Parma Ham.

The PDO “ Protected Designation of Origin“ denomination defines hams obtained from the rear haunches of pigs born, bred and slaughtered in specific regions of Italy and produced in a well-defined area of the province of Parma. It contains no allergens, no preservatives, no GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).PDO Raw Parma ham is distinguied by the “Parma Crown”, the official certification mark which is fire branded onto the skin by inspectors of the Parma Ham Cooperative..

Greci Enzo spa also produces MEC “JOLLY” raw ham, pproduced from fresh pork legs obtained in the best European slaughterhouses to which only a minimum quantity of salt is added. It contains neither allergens nor preservatives.

Greci Enzo spa puts into practice consumer food health and safety standards by adhering to the HACCP manual. The quality and wholesomeness of our products are guaranteed by constant monitoring of the production phase, by numerous microbiological analyses of the product and the frequent staff training courses. Our commitment to improving our quality has allowed us to obtain authorization to export into numerous countries.

Suitable for children and enderly for its digestibility

It contains little fat

It is low in cholesterol and rich in protein

Greci_Gran cru

Recomended for athletes because of its lightness

It has a low caloric intake

Irrepleceable in low calorie diets

Experience the uniqueness of Greci Enzo Ham