Ten years of partnership between Biagi gastronomy and Greci Enzo spa

Forte dei Marmi: Decennial partnership between the historic Biagi Gastronomy and Greci Enzo spa.
The prestigious Biagi Gastronomy in Duca D’Aosta Street, in the center of Forte dei Marmi, deals only with selected high quality products, including Gran Cru raw ham Parma of Greci Enzo spa of Felino, Parma.
Greci Enzo spa, thanks to the sixty years experience of the holder Greci Enzo, managed to obtain high quality products exported all over the world.
In July 2013 the company and the gastronomy celebrate a ten-year working partnership, based on transparency and mutual fairness.
It is for this reason that the owners of the Greeci Enzo thank heartily the Biagi family and their collaborators for loyalty and friendship.